Elle Varner Announces Sophomore Album ’4 Letter Word’

Elle Varner

Elle Varner is pouring her heart and soul into her sophomore album. The R&B songstress has announced the title of her new “gut-wrenching” body of work.

4 Letter Word, the follow-up to 2012′s Perfectly Imperfect, was executive produced by Pop & Oak, who produced the majority of her debut including her Grammy-nominated single “Refill.”

Over the next several weeks, Elle will provide a sneak peek with four new tracks. Each will be dedicated to a different four letter word that expresses the sentiment of the song.

The first, “Cold Case,” was released last week and focuses on the word “love.” Following the buzz tracks, Elle will debut her first official single with her album set to arrive later this summer.

“The album is a beautifully gut-wrenching body of songs that I went to a very vulnerable place to create,” said Elle. “The title is open to interpretation, hence the symbols used in the campaign – ‘>$@!’ It’s whatever you feel when you experience the album. Does ‘>$@!’ stand for love? Pain? Life? That’s for the listener to decide. 4 Letter Word has the kind of range that can’t be embodied by a single word or phrase.”

Listen to “Cold Case” below.

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  1. poe

    and i cant wait for this!!!!


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @poe, Ms. Varner knows what’s up. At first I didn’t love the title, but I can respect any bitch that comes up with some authentic meaning behind one. I feel that her meaning is organic and believable unlike the meanings behind other albums such as Chris Brown’s “X”, which seem very forced. I can’t wait to buy the album.


  2. Jay

    No one is checking for her tho! Bye


    Dave Reply:

    @Jay, But you are tho, and no one’s checking for you. The irony.


  3. Mao_the_cat

    she looks like scarlett jochanson on this pic


  4. ludo_music

    she needs a refill


  5. DRB

    !!!!! Yay


  6. MayZiin

    amazing !!!!!!!!!


  7. JJ

    Too complicated …just sing dammit


  8. Kyle

    I can’t wait for hew new album! I hope it drops earlier in the summer. I like the concept she is going with too.


  9. brackettaaron

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  10. Javis

    Waits patiently!


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