Video: Kelis – ‘Rumble’


Kelis becomes one with nature in the “Duck Dynasty”-inspired video for “Rumble,” the second video off her upcoming sixth album Food.

Clad in a red leather jacket, camouflage pants, and muck boots, the singer jumps in a lake, literally, and performs the entire song while seated in an upholstered chair. Throughout the three-and-a-half-minute clip, a trumpet player and fishermen row their way into the frame, but Kelis does not flinch.

Produced by Dave Sitek, Food arrives April 22 featuring the single “Jerk Ribs.”

Watch the unconventional clip below.

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  1. @dirtypeaches



  2. @dirtypeaches

    Amazing. I wish she continued doing dance music but this is dope too! A true artist!


  3. fa

    Mainstream R&B fans go: WTF?
    No booty shaking? No weave and wind machine? No leaotards and half naked dancers? No vocal acrobatics?
    I love Kelis
    ALways different
    Always one step ahead





  4. dustin

    all these chicks (i’m looking at you gaga) are doing the most and kelis is like, i’m just gonna sit in a river and kill the game.

    you can do that though when the music speaks for itself.


  5. Kissmyfreshandfruity

    This was cute and different. Less sometimes is better……..

    Damn the Queen has so much power in her name ……. Hey gurl ( mrs America wave) always under a palm tree


  6. JoJo

    Though I think this video wouldve been hot if she was in a cotoure gown, I still like the video. She let the music speak for itself then it being overshadowed by gimmicks ;)


    JoJo Reply:

    @JoJo, *couture*


  7. Kyle

    This was a nice and simple video. I love the song! Can’t wait for her new album. She never disappoints!


  8. credits

    Dead at the very first moment she puts the chair in the water and has a seat lol. I love her!!!!

    P.S go find that performance of hers where she does a whistle note. i was blown away.


  9. Kina

    what ever happen to Kelis, she just all of a sudden stop making music.


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