Video: 50 Cent – ‘Pilot’

50 Cent

50 Cent throws a party in the sky in the video for “Pilot,” the latest release off his upcoming album Animal Ambition. The G-Unit captain turns a G5 into a club, filling it with women and champagne. He dons a pilot’s uniform and takes over the cockpit, while boasting about his baller lifestyle. Take flight with 50.

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  1. David

    50 can’t operate a pilot. He’ll end up missing just like Malaysian flight 370.


    someone Reply:

    @David, too soon for you and fifty lol


    slyboi Reply:

    @someone, WAY TOO SOON.


  2. David

    typo “plane”


  3. umut

    ı love 50,and hıs style.he is great rapper everbody know thıs.ın my opınıon pılot is cool song,but ıts not enough for the take over the whole ındstry.


  4. Rob

    This is dope but wish he would get a new director… I’m not feeling Eif Rivera


  5. CaptainWhatDoesThisDo50

    That picture is so 50 , funny as hell! lmao! With him as pilot,there will be turbulence when there’s no actual turbulence! lol .. The plane will do random somersaults almost cartoon like loL .. heck he might even attempt to jet out of space with it! lmao .. this is 50 yall! hahaha .. I like Fif though,his persona is unlike anybody’s in the music industry and his music is good too.


  6. CaptainWhatDoesThisDo50

    @CaptainWhatDoesThisDo50, into*


  7. jazmine

    song is OKAY , wish it wasn’t on the album.


  8. tha shit

    this song is sooo dope!! :D one of the best songs by 50! totally!


  9. drake smith

    the music is so good


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