Future Hits the Beach with Kanye West in ‘I Won’ Video

Future and Kanye West

While his hustler’s anthem “Move That Dope” continues to climb the charts, Future has already lined up his next single featuring Kanye West.

The rappers recently hit the beach to shoot a video for their Honest collaboration “I Won” with famed director Hype Williams. While there won’t be any planes or boats, expect lots of eye candy.

“It’s incredible. We on the water, we on the beach, and it’s beautiful women,” Future told Angie Martinez.

The video is classic Hype Williams, complete with video vixens. “We made these look like the old Hype Williams video girls, when video girls were stars back then,” he said.

Kanye got his designer wardrobe wet while filming his scenes, but that didn’t bother him. “The water was actually getting on him, but he wasn’t complaining,” said Future. “Kanye kept it real with me on this one. All the way real, no problems out of Kanye.”

“I Won” will appear on Future’s sophomore album Honest, due April 22.

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  1. jeannet

    I dont know who is more talented, Future or Ciara. They’re both so versatile and amazing.


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @jeannet, The dumbest comment I’ve read in a minute.


    here Reply:

    @2bad2bme, I love love LOVE BOTH of them but I just died.


    jumiya Reply:

    @2bad2bme, hey love futer


    Natasha Reply:

    @jeannet, Not going against what you like or dislike but i don’t think there are two artists that are less versatile. ESPECIALLY Future.


    brenda Reply:

    @Natasha, Future wrote and performed in Neva End with Kelly Rowland, Body Party with Ciara, Real and True with Mylie Cyrus, Lovee Song with Rihanna, did the hook on countless songs with Lil Wayne and others, and now he is rapping and he is a great fashion designer. Very few can have that claim to fame.


    Deejay Reply:

    @jeannet, Is this a joke? Like are you being sarcastic??
    Because I know you didn’t really just call Future and Ciara talented and versatile. Lmao Hell naw!


    jeanet Reply:

    @Deejay, Obviously you think he is talented and versatile also, or else you wouldn’t have clicked on this link.

    When are you nut cases going to learn that talented entertainers like the GREAT FUTURE AND HIS QUEEN CIARA just get better every time you LIE!


  2. Summer Syn

    While there is nothing wrong with half naked women but I’m tired of seeing only them. Nobody expects to see a Nigga fully dressed on the beach and water. My boyfriend use to kill me with that. While we going to swim and have a good time this MF trying out for the next fashion show. Hope they show skin as well


  3. tameka

    Future is so darn sexy and his fashions R off the chain


  4. Javis

    @brenda shout yall hataz down w/ that lol


  5. jumiya



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