New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Smart Phones’

Smart Phones

While his DJ Mustard-produced banger “Na Na” climbs the charts, Trey Songz slows things down on his new song “Smart Phones,” which he released to his fans via The Angel Network. The R&B crooner gets caught cheating and must lie to his girl’s face to save their relationship.

“I don’t know what I’m gonna say, but I know that I’m gonna say whatever it takes,” sings Trey in a falsetto.

The song is set to appear on his sixth album Trigga, due this summer.


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  1. M.B



    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @M.B, I don’t give a fuck about what’s being said because the delivery is gorgeous. I need this album in my life.


  2. shai

    The lyrics…. -________-


  3. Bruno

    OMG!!! “oH oh” Initial Part sounds like a Beyonce’s b-side called Roc. PERFECT MUSIC TREY!!!


    beyoncemb Reply:

    @Bruno, you’re right
    u’re my rock baby rock with you


  4. Miszi

    Vocally this song is amazingly nice to listen to. Lirycally…well, it’s not that the lyrics are poorly written it’s more about what they represent, it’s not cool.


  5. Hov

    good god this is horrible


  6. Triniti

    This has to be Trey’s submission to Funny or Die. Wow lol


  7. -_____-



  8. treyzbussitbaby



  9. DON

    He’s too talented for this BS.


  10. dre songz

    personally I like it


  11. TickleTheDawg

    I hope the rest of the songs on the upcoming album are better than this. This song isn’t bad, but Trey is capable of much better.


  12. Sage

    The song is interesting… Vocally, as previously stated, it is amazing. Lyrically, I think it is real. A lot of people do things, and get caught, and will tell the boldest lie with the blankest face. Maybe he is talking about himself personally, but regardless of all that the song is real life to what a lot of people do when they get caught in a compromising situation…


  13. ludo_music

    “Na Na” is doing great in Urban,Rhytmic & Pop.
    He shouldn´t realease new music ´till it hit his peak position!!


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