Video: August Alsina f/ Fabolous – ‘Get Ya Money’

August Alsina

With his debut Testimony in stores today, August Alsina premieres the video for “Get Ya Money” featuring Fabolous. The New Orleans crooner salutes the strippers who hustle for their money in the Payne Lindsey-directed clip, which was shot in New York.

“I ain’t judgin’ you, go and get ya money,” sings August while making it rain at the strip club.

During his appearance on “106 & Park” this week, August fired back at host Keshia Chanté‎ after she asked him about his beef with Trey Songz. “I just told ya’ll not to ask me that shit when I got up in here,” he said.

Watch the video and the awkward moment below.

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  1. London

    I just seen his interview on 106, he is so obnoxious and ignorant and clearly have no media training! All Keisha was doing was her job! Nobody even knew him and trey was beefing until HE said it! now he doesn’t want people to ask him about it? I’m no longer a fan! He’s not gonna last neither! Bye


    Mille Reply:

    @London, what makes one obnoxious and ignorant? He had already told them before walking on the stage not to bring up anything regarding to Trey. She should have respected what August said…….August was keeping it real and do you think he care about you no longer being a fan. He will stay make money.


    cassidyboi Reply:



    Justin Timberlake Reply:

    @cassidyboi, No he hadn’t. He must handle it better and the funniest thing is why is he so mad at Trey when he is copying him? Even this video is Trey 2 + features Fabalous lmaooo


    nina hey Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, oh soo trey songs has made a song RESPECTING strippers? since when??


    Yasmine Reply:

    @cassidyboi, I can tell you have no knowledge about the importance of celebrity couth.


    Legendary m.c. el bee Reply:

    @London, I agree time for a hip hop make over its coming!!! We the Godz of hip hop are coming back so all this hip hop riddlen can go back underground.


  2. JaCoya

    I feel like…. regardless of if he spoke out about it or not.. IF we previously talked about it behind the scenes NOT to talk about a certain topic… and you AGREED, for you to get out there and try to bring it up like we didn’t have the conversation minutes before…. is petty. Yes she was doing her job, but she just got herself embarrassed by not using common sense. I like her and I like him… but he clearly stated that he said not to ask him about it so for someone to do it and try to be slick and put him on the spot thinking that was going to change something… is stupid and immature. #IJS — follow me on IG and twitter @_jacoyarivers :)


  3. Reggie Raybandz

    @London August Alsina is new to the game i look at him as a young Trey Songz and his music is good just cop the album I watch the clip and I mean I don’t blame him I know he didn’t wanna talk about it however he was kinda at fault cuz all she asked was about the situation and hoping they can resolve it as men which they should because life is too short and it about positivity


  4. Raj

    Dude is talented but he’s wack AF for speaking to a woman that way. He wouldn’t want anyone speaking to a female in his family reckless. And Bow Wow is a pussy for not coming to KC’s defense. No respect at all, that shit is gonna come back to bite him in the ass before his career even takes off. And why the hell he getting mad when his bitch ass alerted us to his problems with Trey? Damn fool.


  5. Kevknows

    If you didn’t know there was a problem between the two, Songz and August, then your ears aren’t close to what’s going on. Or you just dont care about them, which begs the question of why your even commenting on this post. In other news, for no games and will continue to be that way. As an interviewer you live for moments like thi. Moments that you know will push certain peoples buttons. Dont think for one second she wasn’t aware the two had an issue. That’s the reason the question was asked in the first place.

    - Appluad that man for his honesty.


    Quest Reply:

    @Kevknows, No doubt she was aware, but the girl was only doing her job. BET made her ask the question because they’re desperate for ratings and him … being a negative, stereotypical boy from New Orleans, responded in a way that shows his true intelligence. He should not be applauded for disrespecting a woman on national television. Not only does he need a new publicist, his response was indicative that he’s not ready for the tough questions people in the limelight get asked. You don’t do ignorant shit like that before you even get your feel wet in the music industry.


  6. The Shaded Truth

    I’d much rather see August in porn. He’s not that great to me. Where are the REAL male singers that don’t sound like little girls. #GoodDay


    Rachel Reply:

    @The Shaded Truth, LMFAO!


  7. Deejay

    His voice is terrible.
    Music is basic as fuck.
    And his personality is extra regular.
    Why does this website even post about this dude when there are so many artists out here with Actual Talent???


  8. compton

    No that was totally wrong for him to not only curse on a show such as 106 but the way he said it was also bee rude. You suppose to know how to handle a situation better then that come on what the fuck this trey songz beef only making him more famous anyways


  9. boy

    How can some say that the way August responded on 106 was the right way. Bro, your not on that level to be telling interviewers not ask you no questions. You need all the promo you can get, I dont care if yall see him as real but that was disrespectful , no way around that. Then the bastard just cut her off, I know Keisha was heated and she still stayed professional throughout the whole situation, I applaud her for that. All she was doing was her job, if your job tell you to do something or someone ask you not to do something which one would you do? Make money or listen to someone not benefiting you none. Im sure hes going to have to face her again and I bet hes going to apologize cause that was dead wrong. And bow just standing there not saying anything to defend her, idc if she did hold her own bow, you still a weak dude for that.


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