Ashanti Performs Throwback Medley on ‘GMA’


Ashanti kicked off Easter weekend with a visit to “Good Morning America.” The R&B songstress took over the indoor studio in Times Square to perform “Runaway” and “Scars” off her No. 1 independent album Braveheart.

She also took it back with a throwback medley of her hits including “Foolish,” “Always on Time,” “What’s Luv?” and “Happy,” while Robin Roberts and some young fans looked on.

In addition to music, Ashanti has been keeping busy with her acting career. She recently shot a sci-fi TV movie in Canada and will star alongside Michelle Pfeiffer in a film this summer.

Watch Ashanti tear up the stage with something new and old.

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  1. thi

    that was reallly good!


  2. DAMN

    Her best vocal & stage presence performance of her career.

    Great job to her!


  3. EdgarC

    Yes Ashanti. Get it baby!


  4. Mb92

    I hope she can draw fans back in. Had she been performing like this years ago she would’ve stuck longer!


  5. vladica07

    Definitely better than the previous live performance rap-up informed us about. Love the medley!


  6. Oh

    Ashanti … girl i missed you but honey that blonde bob is not the business


  7. TrinaFan

    Loved this performance! Her new cd is so good! Reminds me of when music was actually good! Great album for Spring/Summer.


  8. ludo_music

    great performance but it didn´t increase her sales on itunes :(
    I though GMA was a big show and a great chance for her to show herself
    it was a million times better than her latest performances!! and the song choice was diferent and risky


  9. BEYHIVE2014

    Good performance from Ashanti! Pitchy on a few notes, but overall good to see her back doing her thing!


  10. Lal

    For the longest that I can remember, Ashanti is an artist with the ability to delivery WHOLE albums. I never had to skip a track, all her songs she writes or produces flows effortlessly with the next song/single!


  11. Ben

    Her entire album concept was stolen from Dawn Richard.


    Santana Reply:

    @Ben, Lies you tell.

    She never copied Dawn Richard. Her whole concept was original. If anything, Dawn is the copier. But then again, who is Dawn Richard?

    I’ll wait….


    Kenyon Reply:

    @Santana, lmao!!! YES! forreal tho


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