Chance the Rapper Hospitalized, Cancels Coachella Show

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper has canceled his Coachella gig after falling ill.

The Chicago MC was scheduled to play the main stage during the second weekend of the festival in Indio, Calif. on Sunday. Just hours before his 3:10 p.m. set time, his management released a statement on Twitter informing fans that he had been hospitalized.

“On behalf of @chancetherapper and our entire team- We sincerely regret to have to cancel our 2nd weekend at coachella,” said his management.

A photo posted to his Instagram account (and later deleted) showed the 21-year-old in a hospital bed wearing his Coachella wristbands with the caption, “Pray for my boy chance.”

His team did not elaborate on why he was hospitalized, but he is expected to make a full recovery. “Chance fell ill on Friday night & was admitted to the hospital today- Doctors & family are with him & he is expected to make a full recovery.”

They also thanked his fans for their support. “Thank you for the prayers and support during this time, Chance, his team and family deeply appreciate it.”

Last weekend, Chance performed at Coachella and brought out Justin Bieber during his 45-minute set.

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    Can’t someone just simply tweet it.
    What was the point of taking the pic.
    Gosh attention seekers these days.

    Anyway hope he gets well soon.


    Lordunhateable Reply:

    @KENBARBUK, I felt the same way!


  2. A Realist

    Don’t do acid, kids.


  3. A.J Minner

    Drinking and drugs I’m sure. Isn’t that what it always is with these young “rappers”?!?!?


    Lionheart Reply:

    @A.J Minner, look at you making stereotypes. That’s just what we need more of. And even if he did, so what?


    joe Reply:

    @Lionheart, “and even if he did, so what?” – pretty much sums up why the younger generations are so fcked up.


  4. Hov

    probably drugs and alcohol… dummy


  5. freak

    I dunno who she is, but she sure is hairy as hell!
    Does it sing? or rap?


  6. Paradise

    All these comments are so ignorant, you all obviously know nothing about Chance and his music. Hope he gets well soon, so talented.


  7. T

    How are the comments about drugs and alcohol ignorant when he eagerly invites and paints that persona of himself? Hope he gets better and it’s not a big deal.


  8. Shane

    @KENBARBUK woah a onika stan whoes talkin about attention seekers


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @Shane, What is whoes ? Bitch stay in school .


  9. YOlas dae the dyah

    hope he don’t jack up his life by doing too much drug & drunking by talking crazy ish. Bet alot of people don’t even know who the heck who he is. he got good music but this Geez Lord hope he get better


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