New Music: Jennifer Lopez f/ French Montana, Big Sean, & Tyga – ‘I Luh Ya Papi (DJ Khaled Remix)’

Tyga, Big Sean, J.Lo, and French Montana

This is the remix. Jennifer Lopez rounds up some hip-hop all-stars for the DJ Khaled remix to her single “I Luh Ya Papi.” The new version boasts a reworked beat and a sample of Jay Z’s “Hey Papi,” plus verses from Tyga, Big Sean, and French Montana.

J.Lo’s 10th album is due June 17 featuring Maxwell, Robin Thicke, Wiz Khalifa, and more.

Bounce to the remix below.

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  1. KeepingItReal

    NO MA’AM. return to sender.. try again Jennifer Lopez


  2. Mastermind

    It’s Too Much Goin On!!!!


    YouKnowWhatItIs Reply:

    @Mastermind, I agree!! They should’ve just left the original beat and maybe it would have worked. But this is, unfortunately, just garbage.


  3. Ice

    I like it better than the original, but it’s no Murder Inc. remix like back in the day.


  4. Deejay

    I actually like it. I just wanted to hear j lo more on it. I mean it is her song. And she’s only on the chorus.


  5. T002

    A Good song whigch should afraiing, I like it n Shes good also the Stuff


  6. AK

    This is what we call a cheap “chop-shop” remix. It does knock quite hard for a one-off hip-hop track but like someone else said, its no Murder Inc Remix and JLo need to move on to the next song already!


  7. MsAlsina

    I thought i was listening to 2 songs at the same time, so i checked if there was another browser open LOL! The beat is wack and she should’ve just sticked to the original.


  8. Tmaiteem

    I agree, there’s too much goin’ on, the original sounds better in my opinion!


  9. X

    It’s a remix so why would it sound like the original you dummies :/


  10. TRUTH!



  11. George

    Woah, this is not listenable


  12. Mao_the_cat

    The only good thing about the original was the GREAT BEAT and now that’s gone in this remix… this is annoying


  13. Yolas daze to MBY

    this is jack up remix like shhhhit annoying. I’d love to see Jennifer lopez do duet song with Jay-z or Nas


    jazmine Reply:

    @Yolas daze to MBY,

    She already has a duet with Nas.


  14. EdgarC

    This sounds like a cheap mixtape song. The original was bad enough, we didn’t need an even worse sounding remix.


  15. CEZZAR

    great remix.. i am feeling it.. sounds fresh.



    Girl. I love ya JLo but girl NO MAAAAM honey. This is a mess.


  17. bibi93



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