Smoke Session: Rihanna and Her BFF Celebrate 4/20 on the Beach

Melissa and Rihanna

While some celebs spent Sunday enjoying Easter, Rihanna opted to celebrate a different holiday. The “Stay” singer and her BFF Melissa Forde drove to the beach for a 4/20 smoke session.

With reggae tunes on the radio, they popped the trunk on their SUV before lighting up. RiRi wore a sheer bodysuit with marijuana leaf pasties and Chuck Taylors, completing her 4/20 look with a weed purse.

They sang along to Buju Banton and Nadine Sutherland’s “Wicked Dickie” and RiRi twerked in the trunk while watching the sun set.

“Just me and my @mdollas11 #420,” tweeted Rihanna.

See more pics of their #TrunkChronicles below.

Photos via Instagram

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    She’s just perfect, I love her. Happy Easter everyone


  2. AaaliyahQueen

    I’ve noticed that Rihanna have a lot of haters in the US dont know y


    t Reply:

    @AaaliyahQueen, ikr


  3. mumi

    Haha she’s so high while singing that song.


  4. Rob

    I need to f*ck Rihanna so hard that she can think normal agin.


  5. cedric

    so what


  6. YOlas dae the dyah

    How come Rihanna or her Bff Melissa Forde don’t drive a Car?


  7. Beej

    Something as fishy as Rihanna’s p***y is definitely going on with these two.


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