New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Foreign’


Trey Songz toasts to all things “Foreign” on his latest Trigga release. The R&B heartthrob sings the praises of the fine international women on the clapping club banger.

“American, you know I had to cop that foreign,” he declares.

His album arrives July 1. If you pre-order it on iTunes, you will receive “Na Na,” “SmartPhones,” “Foreign,” and another new song called “Change Your Mind.”

Watch the audio visualizer below.

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  1. Reader 1

    Visually, Trey has grown. But the new music he’s released as of late has just been okay.

    It has the sound like it was crafted in a matter of minutes, which wouldn’t be bad if it was amazing. This just isn’t.


    IG: @ClothezMinded_ Reply:

    @Reader 1, i completely agree. this song isnt catchy at all. i dont think this album is going to be good looking at the songs released thus far but i hope he surprises me. esp since we have the same name lol


  2. Rozay-MMG

    This guy is really dropping some dope music man


  3. thecool

    This is worse than that hail mary song


  4. Mimi



  5. Victoria

    It’s a dope song but Trey has no creativity. 2 Reasons, Hail Mary, Bottles Up …. no evolution going on in that fine ass head of his whatsoever.


    Sebastian Reply:

    @Victoria, Agreed, he is very one dimensional.


    Chuck Reply:

    @Victoria, one dimensional?! obviously you only listen to his singles. Yeah he has club bangers like this and 2 Reasons etc but then he has songs like Pretty Girls Lie and Fumble and Can’t be Friends etc which aren’t for the clubs or radio. Smart Phones which is also a single from this album is nothing like this either


  6. A Realist

    Change Your Mind>>>>


  7. drea

    I love his song trey doing it again hits stop hattng on my boo


    Tevin Reply:

    @drea, Learn to spell and use punctuation sweetheart. Also, google “freedom of speech.”


  8. JD

    I’m a Trey fan but this was a bore.


  9. Chuck

    Trey, CB and August are the best in r&b by far. So far ahead of anyone else. All 3 of them really bring hip-hop into their style of r&b but each know how to keep it soulful and make some real r&b records.


  10. jass

    People hating on my baby. This shit bang just like everything else. Trey does his own thing and dont change to satisfy other people. He does what he loves, he does it for his fans and again THIS SHIT BANG. Hes keeping r&b alive and NO BODY does what he does, he’ll take you 10 different places and still keep it respectful. They dont have the balls. TRIGGA July 1st !! I cant wait. With yo sexy ass aha


  11. KD

    treysongz bump this hoe she a foreign


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