Video: Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake – ‘Love Never Felt So Good’

Justin Timberlake

Long live the king. Justin Timberlake pays homage to Michael Jackson through dance in the video for “Love Never Felt So Good” off the late legend’s posthumous album Xscape.

In the feel-good clip, co-directed by Timberlake and Rich Lee, dancers recreate the pop icon’s signature moves from videos including “Bad,” “Billie Jean,” and “Thriller,” while fans sing along to his lyrics. It also features throwback footage of the King of Pop throughout his career.

The disco-soul jam, originally recorded by Jackson as a demo in 1983, was “contemporized” by Timbaland before Timberlake got on board. But he was hesitant to do the song at first.

“I’m such a loyal fan to him and his music that it seemed almost too much of a thing, but then I kept hearing this song and it just felt so good,” he told Ryan Seacrest. “It kind of spoke to me. It reminded me of some of the stuff [Timbaland] and I had worked on on 20/20 Experience.”

Even after death, MJ continues to sell records. Xscape is vying for No. 1 on next week’s chart with 125-150,000 copies.

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  1. Mao_the_cat

    Justin’s haircut is so gay LOL.

    And, nobody cared for MJ while he was alive (in her late career) and now they’re milking money out of his name…

    Video/song is nice tho


  2. Whatcha_Sayin

    Aww I love this!!



    You know ….some of you people that post comments are so bitter and seeking relevancy online. First comment from Mao _the_cat. HOW IS A HAIRCUT GAY ? YOU SOUND STUPID! ….You said no one cared ….obviously uninformed, Michael was always respected musically regardless of his personal faults. ….but you did care after he was dead ….enough to run and be the first B&^% to leave a negative comment on his post. Overall I think its a great track.



    fa Reply:

    I bet Mao_the_cat looks like …a fat cat with nappy hair.
    We know Justin relaxed his curls, but he looks immaculate!
    I don’t particularily like him but haters gonn’ hate!


    Mao_the_cat Reply:

    @fa, I’m actually pretty handsome! LOL


    Gyary Reply:

    @DIORBLANCO, it’s called envy, lmao


  4. coolness

    It may just be that picture but JT doesn’t seen to have aged well, lol. I think the album is better than the last one but I’m not here for these posthumous releases. Justin must be over the moon I’m sure. He never got to work with his idol and now he gets to do it even though he’s dead.


    kerry Reply:

    @coolness, the song love never felt so good with JT just shows how little respect JT has for his so-called idol. the video could have been made with out them cuting out part of the song that MJ originally in 83. just that cock sucker could sing parts of it. he need to grow up and realize that he never be anything like mike. he has absolutly no respect for the only king of pop Michael Jackson.


  5. 100 percent drama

    The dancing was good, but I don’t see a concept!!! Michael jackson always had crazy video concepts, like out of this planet type of videos; Actually, I believe that michael is the perfect candidate for the first holographic video ever, I’m talking about full body hologram like the one of tupac, all that in a video. It will be like bringing michael from the dead and can you just imagine the conspiracy theories that will follow? Can you imagine the views? This will make headlines for weeks!!! I swear, that will be the only way michael will have posthumous grand success closer to the ones he had while being alive…what do you think?


  6. JD

    I love the song & this video is a nice tribute, a bit messy but I love the dancers & the overall tribute feel.


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