Lil Wayne Previews New Freestyle ‘Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up’

Tuna Turn Up Needs a Tune Up

After dropping “D’usse” last week, Lil Wayne previews another new song as part of his Weezy Wednesdays series.

With a blunt in hand, the Young Money captain hits the studio to record a freestyle called “Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up” featuring Lil Twist and Euro aka The Maintenance Men. Weezy goes off the top of the dome, while Twist and Euro play hype men.

He declares himself “Weezy the king” and tells his girl that she needs a “real ni**a.”

“She need a king, fuck them princes / You’re a queen / Let’s have a princess,” he raps, adding, “Oh, ya’ll just datin’? Well I’m still hating.”

Tina Turn Up is reportedly Christina Milian. The labelmates were recently in the studio with Mannie Fresh recording for Tha Carter V.

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  1. kevin

    How is Tina turn up Christina Milian?? im confused


    Truth is Reply:

    @kevin, read between the lines. Christina= Tina. Fuck The Prince line was in reference to her bf Jas the Prince. Tina needs a tune up in reference to her needing a new song/career boost and new man= Weezy saying he can do that for her.


    Jake Reply:

    @Truth is, maybe subliminally its was in reference to her career and songs… but “tune up” is blatantly in reference to him being the tune and she needs a tune up her…


  2. xoxo

    it it’s really about Christina Milian the disrespect to her fiancé j. Prince is hugeee smh


  3. Kimmy

    She calls herself Tina TurnUp on Instagram all the time!


  4. 2bad2bme

    well tune her up cuz we been waiting since The Dream abandoned her for Beyonce…no shade to Bey only to The Dream.


    Coolie J Reply:


    It’s too bad too, they had some really good stuff… Zipper and Welcome to Vegas kinda knocked


  5. K

    Lol crazy @ss Lil wayne, he is good at spitting off the dome though.



    Doubt it she about to get married to J prince


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