Rihanna Fires Back at Charlie Sheen After His Twitter Tirade

Charlie Sheen and Rihanna

Charlie Sheen is notorious for his wild antics, and now he’s picked a fight with Rihanna. The former “Two and a Half Men” star is lashing out at the pop star after she reportedly brushed him off.

Sheen took his fiancée to dinner at Giorgio Baldi in L.A. last night to celebrate her birthday. Rihanna happened to be at the restaurant, but when he tried to arrange a meeting, he was told it would not be possible due to the amount of paparazzi waiting outside.

But Charlie did not take lightly to the rejection. He blasted Rihanna on Twitter, claiming that he “couldn’t pick her out of a line-up at gunpoint.”

“No biggie for me; it would have been 84 interminable seconds of chugging Draino and ‘please kill me now’ that I’d never get back,” he said. “Sorry we’re not KOOL enough to warrant a blessing from the Princess. (or in this case
the Village idiot).”

He also called her a “big ol liar” and criticized her pink hair (“Halloween isn’t for a while”).

“See ya on the way down, (we always do) and actually, it was a pleasure NOT meeting you,” he said. “I’m guessing you needed those precious 84 seconds to situate that bad wig before you left the restaurant.”

He also had some advice for her. “If ya don’t wanna get bothered DONT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE! and if this ‘Prison of Fame’ is soooooooo unnerving and difficult, then QUIT, junior!” he said.

But Rihanna claims she did not even know that Sheen was at the restaurant. “To think that I went there to have dinner in peace like I ALWAYS DO!” she told a fan. “Not once did anyone ask to meet me or take pix, I didn’t even know this old man was in there!”

She also addressed the incident on Twitter. “If that old queen don’t get ha diapers out of a bunch…” she said, telling one fan, “dat nigga recognized me in a wig bruh!!! Haa.”

Sheen fired back at RiRi via TMZ after the “queen” comment. “Firstly I want to thank you for recognizing me as Royalty. I’m flattered,” he said. “And secondly; do the good Queen a favor and go tend to the dungeon in my Castle.”

Read Sheen’s full rant here.

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  1. Major Sushi

    ooooooooooooooooooohhh… sheen picked the wrong person to beef with. Though.. I kinda wished it was Azealia Banks he picked a beef with.


    TomTom Reply:

    @Major Sushi, WHO?


  2. TomTom



  3. Bx

    This was so stupid, by both accounts


  4. JD

    Oh I do love it when stupid people go to war. Who knew Charlie Sheen was so funny. Did he really call her a #Hamateur! Lmao!


  5. lmaoAtHaters

    Why must Rihanna respond to everything all the time on social media. Its pretty lame and makes me wonder what type stuff she said before CB beat that ass.


    gz up Reply:

    @lmaoAtHaters, yes how dare she respond….smh


  6. ♫◘[JUDGE]◘♫

    Yasssss get him RiRi!


  7. From France

    Haha Charlie sheen killed That whore !


    lit Reply:

    @From France, wow



    The Queen got these peasants pressed as usual. -yawn-


  9. Mya

    Rihanna has too much time on her hands. Always responding to everything. Like does she just sit on twitter all day waiting for someone to say something? Grow the hell up! 26 years old. 2 stupid people.


    lilo Reply:

    @Mya, an immature 50 something attacks a woman after being denied access to meeting her at a restaurant and when she responds its HER that needs to grow up??

    Please whatever dislike you have towards her leave it somewhere else because you and other comments just sound bias in your comments


    Meme Reply:

    @Mya, Rihanna is a normal person who don’t give a sh$t. Just cuz she is a celeb doesn’t mean she should back down when lames come at her. I love rihanna for that.


  10. lilo

    the woman has demonstrated that she was never the type to back down when attacked.

    My question: why should she?


  11. 2bad2bme

    Rihanna is not the one lol… let it be 50 cent, no one calls it immature they think he is a God.



    Charlie was probably high smh


  13. Juan



  14. Tamera

    Dead @ Charlie being so mad & dragging like that…dead!


  15. Major Sushi

    Charlie Sheen must be hurt, because Rihanna’s must be the first woman to reject him.


  16. Lol

    Rihanna can’t touch Charlie. Her comeback was weak. Calling his a queen. Lol. He’s the king of rants. She know who to F with. Charlie ain’t the one.


    Fentylife Reply:

    @Lol, shut up you sound dumb


  17. YMCMinaj

    This is why I cant take Rihanna seriously… You think Her Minajesty would have responded? Nah, she’s newer to the game but shes a whole lot smarter than this basic b.

    Stay pressed like a diamond, you gonna need it… her royal highness is about to unleash another round!!!! #PinkPrint


    Jade Reply:

    @YMCMinaj, Nicki defo would’ve replied. WTF are you talking about.


    dejonzolanski Reply:

    @YMCMinaj, yeah i have to agree with @jade nicki is not the one to take insults quietly


  18. Yeezus Christ

    Lol kind of unnecessary reaction dont you think?


  19. eurogirl

    you cant win from charlie, riri your responds was so weak. charlie your winning


  20. henny

    sheen is an old dumb


  21. bobs

    That had me LOLing. Riri slaying that old man.


  22. tomyhunn

    Breezy whopped her ass for a reason… smh


    Yoncé Reply:

    @tomyhunn, HAAAAAAA!


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