Nicki Minaj Brings Out Drake, Lil Wayne at Summer Jam

Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj

It was a Young Money reunion during Nicki Minaj’s set at Hot 97 Summer Jam on Sunday. Following an introduction from on-air personality Peter Rosenberg, the rap queen hit the stage with some special guests including Drake and Lil Wayne.

She opened her 40-minute set at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium with “Monster” and brought out Young Thug for “Danny Glover,” Lil Herb for “Chi-Raq,” and Soulja Boy for “Yasss Bish!!”

In addition to crowd favorites like “Did It On’em,” “Beez in the Trap,” and “Moment 4 Life,” she performed her Pink Print single “Pills N Potions” for the first time.

“It’s a ni**a in Young Money that I ain’t fuckin’ with right now,” Nicki told the crowd, “and I want to let ni**as know, right motherfuckin’ here on Summer Jam 2014, Drake I used to love you, but ni**a I don’t fuck with you no more.”

Moments later, her labelmate emerged from the smoke to perform “Worst Behavior.”

“Make some noise for my baby father,” said Nicki while Drizzy lifted her up. “One thing I can always do is count on you. The people love you. You the people’s motherfuckin’ champ.”

Drake then brought out the boss man Lil Wayne for the first performance of the latter’s Carter V single “Believe Me.”

“Shout out to the motherfuckin’ best rapper alive,” said Nicki before Weezy performed his verse from Chris Brown’s “Loyal.”

Drake closed things out with his triumphant anthem “Trophies.” “New York City, make some noise for the motherfuckin’ queen, for the reason that we out here on this stage,” he said as Weezy bowed before Nicki.

Watch her surprise-filled set below.

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  1. K

    they lock it down.


    Oh Reply:

    @K, Who cares.

    Azealia is shooting 2 NEW MUSIC Videos.

    Gettin ready to completely erase Nicki’s existence


    Bridgette Robb Reply:

    @Oh, lol just stop ..lmaooooooo


  2. Mandela Barb



  3. Yaya

    Queen. She killed it! She OWNED that stage. Can’t wait for the Pink Print.


  4. Chrome.

    That was an amazing set, this is the Nicki I can fxck with.
    Rap/Hip-Hop is where she shines. I may have to go to one of her tours, I’m really impressed. I love the way she was communicating with the audience ” ladies if your Coochie good” lol. Love her


  5. Oh

    I must say that was stunning… this is the Nicki i fell in love with… Loved it!!!! Dont come for me Yall know I been a fan. !!!


    frijoles refritos Reply:

    @Oh,we know that, and we know that later you’ll say that this statement wasn’t made by you, but by someone pretending to be you


    Oh Reply:

    @frijoles refritos, Haha bitch it wasnt me


  6. ummmmm

    Ummmmm her set was BORING….I texted during her whole set…as did about 20,000 other people


  7. S*

    Damn wassup with the sexual tension between Nicki and Drake!? :P
    Has she really broken up with her boyfriend?


  8. ang

    Nothing makes me more happy than seeing a FEMALE headline events. We’ve come alone way, so empowering


  9. @draejerome

    this and power house were both great ii love her

    shout out to the queen of mother fucking hip hop

    onika <3


  10. Os

    Nicki Minaj lock it down, her set was so great.


  11. Andy

    YASSSS BISH YASSS!! There’s no words to describe this!!! She’s the motherfuker Queen and the motherfuker Boss who runs the motherfuker Hip hop!!!!


  12. Yung Willz

    I have got no words to describe how you look on stage, i just can not wait to meet you.


  13. sushi

    G unit reunion killed it


  14. Dave

    anyone who says this was good is a liar. She ended her own set with Drake’s song. The chemistry they normally have wasn’t there either. She is fading, her next single better come hard.


    K Reply:

    @Dave, stop calling down fade on nicki minaj motherf-cker,y’all bin doing this sh!t from the get go and she is still here going strong.y’all sound like some motherf-cking scratch record so annoying and boring.


  15. hexSTARR

    Nicki DESTROYED that SET and anyone who denies it is a hater she is THE QUEEN .

    this was AMAZING
    and no one can perform LIKE THIS in HIP-HOP

    75K singing along to your verses…..



  16. lol

    Diaper booty realness!


  17. Beej

    Lmfao Rihanna does NOT look happy. Wonder what that’s about


  18. flora

    We got Nicki minaj in this bitch I love her 3 and oily drake and their chemistry doe. Wat happened?


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