Nicki Minaj Visits ‘LIVE with Kelly and Michael’

Kelly Ripa, Nicki Minaj, and Taye Diggs

Nicki Minaj kicked off her week with an early morning visit to “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” on Monday. Dressed “demurely” in a flowery Dolce&Gabbana dress and Versace shoes, the “Pills N Potions” rapper sat down with Kelly and Taye Diggs, who was filling in for Michael Strahan.

She discussed her love for West Indian food (“Everytime I come [to New York], I gain about five pounds”), her army of fans, and her new single.

“It’s been literally my most critically-acclaimed single that I’ve ever put out—ever,” said the leader of the Barbz.

She also shared her love for Taye Diggs. “I would love to have this sexy hunk of chocolate in my video,” gushed Nicki, who wants to play the actor’s love interest in a movie.

The “Pills N Potions” video will premiere around 8 p.m. EST today on VEVO.

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  1. Os

    Nicki Minaj doing her thing, looking beautiful.


  2. RihNaj

    Why are these host’s so boring???
    Always asking some boring questions I can’t stand it gosh!! Like they need to do research ask nick about the video, how did she came about having The Game in the video etc sighs….. Anyways Can’t wait for this video!!


  3. Lil

    Why did nicki appear on the show and not wear her own clothes that she has pushed on the rack at Kmart ? If I had a clothing line that had my name on it then that is what I would wear. To hear her say she was wearing something other than her own label was unsurprising and then she preceded to spray the audience with her brand of perfume. Hmm, I guess she doesn’t like her own clothing line.


    Know Your Facts Reply:

    @Lil, She’s worn her clothing line pieces numerous times, check her IG and she’ll be wearing it in a new beats commercial she has coming out.


    K Reply:

    @Lil, i can understand that you don’t know something, so i am going to say go to Nicki Minaj IG and do some research. if you are interested in facts,because only truth in your comment is that she sprayed the audience with her perfume.


    KEN. Reply:



    JustCoastWitHa Reply:

    @Lil, you can pick up your bottom jaw when you get a chance


  4. KEN.

    That black guy was so annoying.


    Lolita Reply:

    @KEN., Fine-ass Taye Diggs? Not annoying but thirsty for the queen. He’s an actor though, and that thirst for Minaj could be her ticket into another movie. He’s fine, but not so much on the show today, because I was getting too much Ne-yo teas.


  5. Andy

    she looks so beautiful


  6. Marie

    The show was interesting as usual that’s my girl right there! I wish to meet kelly and Michael one of these days


  7. demetrius

    nicki is one of the most sexy and beautiful women she has this look about her that is so breathtaking to me do your thing nicki


  8. JustCoastWitHa

    She looks so damn amazing !


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