New Music: Jennifer Lopez – ‘A.K.A.’ [Snippets]


Fifteen years after making her debut, Jennifer Lopez celebrates a milestone in her career with her 10th album A.K.A. Before it arrives on June 17, you can listen to 30-second snippets of 10 of the 14 tracks.

In addition to the singles “I Luh Ya Papi” and “First Love,” the star-studded set includes appearances from Iggy Azalea, Nas, T.I., Rick Ross, and Pitbull, plus contributions from Chris Brown, Diplo, Detail, Harmony, Roccstarr, Max Martin, and more.

“My roots are hip-hop, my roots are R&B, my roots are pop, my roots are Latin,” said J.Lo. “All that always comes out in my records. I’ve always found that when I follow my own heart, that’s when my music is the best. This album is right back to that for me.”

Hear what J.Lo has in store this time around.

A.K.A. Tracklisting

1. “A.K.A.” (feat. T.I.)
2. “First Love”
3. “Never Satisfied”
4. “I Luh Ya Papi” (feat. French Montana)
5. “Acting Like That” (feat. Iggy Azalea)
6. “Emotions”
7. “So Good”
8. “Let It Be Me”
9. “Worry No More” (feat. Rick Ross)
10. “Booty” (feat. Pitbull)
11. “TENS” (feat. Jack MIZRAHI)
12. “Troubeaux” (feat. Nas)
13. “Expertease (Ready Set Go)”
14. “Same Girl” (feat. French Montana)

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    LOVE JEN!! She’s snatched Beyonces wig and y’all know it


    Mya Reply:


    Beyonce 3 hour sales will be bigger than J.NO’s first week sales.


    Mya Reply:




    Rob Reply:

    @Mya, No one cares about sales anymore especially this year because this year most of the artists will have bad numbers.


    troof Reply:

    @Rob, speak for yourself. the Adele x Taylor Swift combo is coming.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @TIFFANY, I get that you’re making an attempt at a joke, but because it lacked any grain of truth, it was not a GOOD joke.

    These album snippets sound like the soundtrack to Struggle. It all sounds redundant.


  2. frank

    omg it sounds fresh finally !!
    I’m so excited!!


  3. troof

    pop veterans dropping like flies.
    flops: Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, next up is J. Lo.


    jackie Reply:


    All those artists have had bad sales for years. JLos last effort debuted at #5 with 70K sold in the first week.
    Mariah’s a little less than 100K.

    Brit could still pull big numbers if she tried. But she’s a lazy ass. JLo is actually trying to sell and can’t


  4. Jay

    Cant wait for the Iggy track!!!!!


  5. jason

    this sound is amazing, i cant wait till the 17th. summers looking realllllll good rii now


  6. Ed

    ILYP & First Love are great!

    I know I’m really gonna dig “So Good” & “Acting Like That” too.

    Excited for “TENS” “Troubeaux” & Expertease.

    This album is giving me “Rebirth” vibes, but better obviously.


  7. Kayla

    What happened to the Maxwell duet?


    Nick Reply:

    @Kayla, The duet with Maxwell wasn’t finished on time. Looks like the Robin Thicke duet didn’t make it either.


  8. Oneida

    She can’t sing. I’m tired of her releasing albums with that voice while people pretend like it’s okay. It’s not okay.


  9. Hector

    Some of these snippets sound kinda dope!


  10. Davey

    Yess JLO is Back !!!



    I really like Jen, I might just buy this to support her.


  12. Sharp Tongue

    I’m getting my copy June 17th.


  13. richie

    JUNE 17!! baby i cant wait this album is something new & fresh always love me some JLO and haters can keep talking cause she is and will always be the QUEEN!!!! AKA


  14. Kyle

    This definitely sounds more urban than her last album. I like what I’m hearing…I’ll definitely be buying!


  15. Deejay

    Wow this sounds really good. I’ve never listened to a Jlo album but I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying this one.


  16. Mao_the_cat

    This sounds terrible.. I don’t like this :-/


  17. CurtisDonDeano

    Am I the only person who notice that she talks?


  18. John

    I will be buying this album…. Fresh summer joints on here. Go ahead Miss Lopez


  19. D.J. Daniel

    These jams are perfect for poolside and the Dance Floor,excited to hear them on heavy rotation on the radio waves.

    Mobile D.J. Daniel-95136


  20. wellabella

    Im surprised she can stop talking about Mark Anthony long enough to make a album


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