Drake and Chris Brown Join Forces in ESPYS Skit

Chris Brown, Blake Griffin, and Drake

Drake and Chris Brown proved that their beef is in the past by appearing together in a hilarious skit at the 2014 ESPYS on Wednesday.

After his friendship with Blake Griffin goes awry, Drake and the NBA All-Star go all out to prank each other. When he goes to have his appendix removed, Drake thinks it’s bad enough that Blake is the surgeon, but instead Breezy shows up to operate on him.

“YOLO, motherfucker,” he says while holding some sharp tools and looking down at Drizzy on the operating table.

Following the skit, Chris made a live appearance at the awards, introducing himself as “America’s sweetheart.”

Just a few days ago, the former rivals were spotted in the studio together.

Watch them laugh off their beef below.

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  1. Brian

    Both are so fake especially Drake SMH


    Deejay Reply:

    @Brian, So you want them to continue beefing just to make you feel better???
    It’s not called fake. It’s called being mature grown ass men.
    Only clowns hold grudges. Especially over a female. Take notes Brian.


    Brian Reply:

    @Deejay, No but artists fake their ‘beef’ sh#t that’s why I wrote f#ke. Just look at Drake one of the biggest crawler in the music scene.


  2. yourdics

    bros before hoes.


    heavenly father Reply:

    @yourdics, they do a skit together and they’re already bros?


  3. C

    All my husbands! in one video!!


  4. Gaz

    HAHA!! So good to see Breezy and Drake getting along. Now go and make some awesome music together already!


    hj Reply:

    @Gaz, where have u been they r


  5. Paige

    It’s looks genuine to me I’m happy they’re are over the disagreement..


  6. Spaska Angelova

    Love Chris many Drake no


  7. Neickha

    lol Epic.


  8. iammeekmahr

    Hmm…dats very awsome..no more grudges


  9. KEN.

    Aw lawd Chris is looking FOINE o.O



    aww that was so cute and funny at the same time.


    GEEZUS Reply:



  11. From France



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