Lil Wayne to Launch Sports Agency with Cristiano Ronaldo as First Client

Lil Wayne and Cristiano Ronaldo

Lil Wayne is making a big business move. The Young Money mogul is reportedly starting his own sports management agency and has signed up soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo as his first client.

According to TMZ, Weezy, who is a huge sports fanatic, has been wanting to get into sports management and is friends with the Team Portugal player.

Wayne has partnered with Polaris Sports, which is affiliated with CAA and GestiFute, the company where Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes works.

Wayne’s company will handle Ronaldo’s sports management affairs in the U.S. including marketing, endorsement deals, and even modeling.

Earlier today, Ronaldo tweeted a photo of himself with the Prime Minister of Japan holding up the Young Money sign.

“My homie Christiano Ronaldo got the President of Japan throwing up Young money! He too real 4dat! Young Muulah baby!” tweeted Wayne.

He won’t be the first rap mogul to venture into the world of sports. In 2013, Jay Z teamed up with CAA to launch Roc Nation Sports, which is home to Kevin Durant, CC Sabathia, Skylar Diggins, and Victor Cruz.

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  1. xedos

    so Jay Z is mgmt wayne have to follow? howe will they survive without the blue print?


  2. Adelephant

    Can these rappers quit copying each other and do something original… JayZ starts sports agency now everybody else doing it… Have a seat Wayne…
    If these rappers were really smart they’d invest in some of these start up companies (ex: BEATS) … We see how Dr.Dre turned out… But I guess


    u beitch Reply:

    @Adelephant, as ur name suggest u remember things but
    Just chill alright being a elephant
    u should keep quite and no one understands ur language it’s just noise to us
    he is doing what he does
    By the way
    He is the most popular sports personality in the whole wide world
    If u have check his followers in FB N TWITTER


    Adelephant Reply:

    @u beitch, shut the hell up hoe… Your opinion is invalid just like your name… U basic bitchhhhh … Now be gone like the wind


    U bietch Reply:

    We don’t need elephants validation


  3. Heather

    Best soccer player in the World …. baeeee, CR7.


  4. Speechless

    Oh how original. A sports agency. It’s already been done you little missing link looking idiot.


  5. DRB

    Beauty and The Beast.


  6. ImSoCrown

    JAY Z is the blueprint.


  7. Dolla

    It’s funny how pp are calling him a follower, but I’ve never heard of Jay-Z on ESPN or any sports network, ever (please correct me if I’m wrong). Wayne, on the other hand, is a huge sports fan and has appeared on many sport shows including First Take, Sports Center, NFL Countdown, and even has his on sports blog which he’s been doing for a few years now. The difference between the two is, Jay-Z is doing it solely for business with little, wayne is more passionate about sports and then it’s business. Just my opinion.


  8. Rah

    y’all hatin’ Wayne just signed Cristiano … aka one of the biggest athletes in the world, much bigger then anyone on JayZ’s lineup


  9. K



  10. Staysnatching

    Weezy F Baby

    The F stand fo football!


  11. From France

    Waouuuuw Weezy ! Wall done .


  12. CARLOS

    sounds like a bad move for cristiano ronaldo to me one of greatest footballers ever signing to rookie agent
    plus lil waynes career isnt doing too good at the moment it should be vice versa


  13. Yolqad mounteeer love21



  14. Weezy Cough

    LOL, Wayne is so desperate! Cristiano Ronaldo has already said that his management has not changed.



  15. bibi93

    End of the world…


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