Timbaland: Missy Elliott’s New Album Is a ‘Game Changer’

Missy Elliott

It’s been nearly a decade since Missy Elliott released her last album, but her longtime collaborator Timbaland promises it will be worth the wait.

“It’s coming,” the super-producer told Rolling Stone of the follow-up to 2005′s The Cookbook. “It’s on her. She got the first single, it’s just a matter of when she wants to do it. We got the hollow-tip bullet in the gun. We have the game changer right there.”

While no release date has been set, he said to expect big things. “It’s something you ain’t never heard Missy do. It sounds today, but the future.”

In an interview with Yahoo!’s “The Yo Show,” earlier this year, Missy explained the reason for the delay. “When I create something, it’s gotta be special and it can’t just be to throw something out there because I feel like I’m Missy,” said the “Work It” rapper. “I gotta feel like what I’m giving the fans is 100 percent and that it’s game-changing. I don’t just throw out microwave records.”

In September 2012, Missy released two Timbaland-produced songs, “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat,” off her tentatively-titled album Block Party.

She has also appeared on singles for Little Mix (“How Ya Doin’?”), Fantasia (“Without Me”), and most recently, Faith Evans (“I Deserve It”).

Meanwhile, Timbaland is hard at work on his solo album Opera Noir, which he calls his Purple Rain. “I have no features on it,” he said. “It’s all about truth and what’s going on around us.”

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  1. Usher

    I’m so ready for Queen Missy’s album!!!


  2. Adrian

    I’m still wait for collab with Eve and Lil Kim – Murder She Wrote


  3. m.i.k.e.

    errrr… i dont believe this fool since a long time ago
    and i feel sorry for Missy cuz i dont think she got many chances left to waste


    Realist Reply:

    @m.i.k.e., You are not GOD, so who are you to determine how many chances a person may have ?


    m.i.k.e. Reply:

    @Realist, come on man, lets be real about it… almost 10 years after her last album which wasnt a super seller compared to her previous albums and already made her lose some popularity… how come she’s going to remain relevant her entire life? not even super legends like Mariah, Usher… can keep it up


    Bougie Kid Reply:

    @Realist, Why is your name Realist and you’re not thinking realistically? She was suppose to make a comeback more than once and different things were getting in the way.


  4. joey

    I don’t doubt it’s a game changer–I don’t even doubt each time she’s redone it throughout the last few years its been a game changer.

    She just needs to release it, and be ready. Missy’s got tons of fans and a whole new group of young people that would love to hear some ass-shaking, hip hop songs with integrity.

    So pumped


  5. JD

    I really can’t wait, I’ve been loving her features & the tracks she’s put out so far.


  6. TRP

    I’m curious to what Missy in 2014 sounds like…I wasn’t too found of the singles she put out in ’09.


  7. Yeezus Christ

    Timbo has always been producing heat, so its gotta be good


  8. KEN.


    So exicted for Missy’s return. Isn’t Lauryn suppose to be releasing new music soon?


    TRP Reply:

    @KEN., yeah the same day the world ends. I don’t EVER expect another Lauryn album.


    Deejay Reply:

    @TRP, I know people write “LOL” all the time but I literally just fucking laughed out loud.


  9. wow

    I have seen on twitter that Missy said she didnt feel like she had that “it” single yet. So to hear Timbaland say that she has a single picked out is definitely exciting!

    I dont blame Missy for not wanting to sell out and go too pop or do trap music. No shade. Shout out to those making their coins that way but Im happy Missy decided to stick to what she feels true to.
    Im excited


  10. meme

    love missy and all but i highly doubt it


    Realist Reply:

    @meme, But with a hating ass mindset you may aswell not support it. instead of having a ” i can only support nicki minaj” mentality, why don’t you just wait for missy to drop her new music and support it if it’s hot ?


    Meme Reply:

    @Realist, I actually support iggy and azelia banks (b4 she totally turned me off) in addition to nicki. I’m actually looking forward to missy new music but the way the industry is set up these days, I just don’t see missy popping. I just do not see it. And that’s honestly speaking


  11. Realist

    Just release it missy, promote it,perform it out your all into it like you would do 10 years ago and you should be fine. Don’t be swayed by internet trolls or “one female rapper at a time” fans or media d–k riders.


  12. messiah

    Missy do u girl!!!


  13. I'm a Bad Bish I'm a Kunt

    I’ll believe it when I hear it.


  14. Deejay

    Timbaland has said this so many times before about Missy’s return I don’t even believe anymore. As a matter of fact he said the same thing about those 2 terrible singles she released a few years ago. I was so mad at her for that. So I’ll believe it when she actually says it herself.


  15. Staysnatching

    Thiss the same album from 2 years ago?

    Timberland always tryna keep missy relevant talking this shit then nothing to show for it. Talk when its ready to drop you bald fat prick.

    Timberland with an album with no features? Yeah right who he tryna fool.


  16. Andy

    lol ok


  17. Kyle

    At this rate, I’ll believe it when I see it. I really do think though that Missy cares about what she puts out and needs to be in a creative mindset to feel the music is worthy for us to hear. “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” were subpar and I think she knew that.


  18. Yeah Okay

    it’s like every another year she’s tryin’ to get an album out but in 2009 those singles were downloaded 4 free anyways. I dnt know i feel like even (whenever) the album drops it’s goin b low ass sales less than 30,000 if that. look what happen to eve’s album didnt sell shit. these artists that came out 10 years ago +. just doesnt add up. You may start a family and all but if you have 2 kids back 2 back, come back out in 1 and a half year, 2 years is pushin’ it. cuz you’re not gonna last. we gonna move on to other music aka hip-hop people etc. but i guess when you take so long to come out you’re vocal of singing starts 2 change on you.
    we might not see the album until next year or never or just a mixtape (sad)


    joey Reply:

    @Yeah Okay, what the hell are you even talking about? haha If the content is there and it’s felt by fans it doesn’t matter how long it took for it to come out.


  19. muzikxxx

    Haven’t been too crazy about her recent features. None of them are the type of verses where you’re just waiting for it to come on through the whole song to jump in and rap along with her. Also didn’t listen to those new tracks more then once or twice when they first came out.

    No doubt missy has been a game changer over and over again and people use her style today but changing the game again? I’ll have to wait to see that. As long as we get HOT music.


  20. yolpk Sverxzea yr line

    It may take a longtime to do those album & I wondering if they doing the late R&b Aaliyah album people sure aint believe about missy Elliott album until it release or something ain’t right about what they doing


  21. Lil Kim

    I know missy is working hard still. I just don’t think the label is giving her the support she needs and she’s said this. That and her health issues are reasons why she’s delayed a new album.


  22. hatinbarbzdie

    I’m buying ten copies I PORMISE!


  23. hatinbarbzdie

    I feel sorry for ignorant fools who don’t realize if MISSY EVE KIM FOXY never sold albums again ever in their life. They have accomplished more in their career than any of yall EVER WILL IN YOUR LIFE! Please STOP & THINK about that before saying some of the retarded sh** yall spew. Y’all will forever be broke nobodies.. If you not a fan than why do you care and if you are a fan with no hop than find another fav and kik rocks!


  24. hatinbarbzdie

    *PROMISE … no HOPE* than


  25. King Fierce

    I’ll believe it when I see it….we’ve been waiting since 2007. Very excited if it’s true though.


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