Mos Def Brings Back Hip-Hop and Barney to L.A. Show

Hip-hop heads gathered to see Mos Def bless the stage at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on Thursday. L.A.’s own Diz Gibran and freestyle extraordinaire Supernatural warmed up the crowd before the well-respected MC finally emerged after restless concertgoers began to boo and chant his name.

Clad in a jean jacket, cheetah-print hoodie, Dickies, and Chuck Taylors, Mos made the wait worthwhile, performing over 15 songs and medleys, many of which honored past hip-hop and soul artists. The most notable, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message,” elicited audience participation.

Mos not only showcased his lyrical skills, he also danced around the stage the entire time, visibly enjoying himself. In one of the night’s more candid moments, he showed appreciation to his loyal fans by singing “I Love You,” a song made popular by Barney the purple dinosaur. “I know it’s fucked up,” he laughed. “But it’s true.”

Mos Def will release his new album The Ecstatic on June 9.

–Jessica Washington