Chrisette Michele on Chris Brown’s Apology

Chrisette Michele has a problem with Chris Brown’s apology to Rihanna and she’s venting her frustrations exclusively to Rap-Up.com.

Chris Brown released a video to YouTube on Monday publicly apologizing for assaulting Rihanna in February. Since then, Chris has been scrutinized for the way he conducted the apology and for its questionable timing. Chrisette Michele is speaking out on the situation in an interview with Rap-Up.com.

The “Epiphany” singer is asking why the 20-year-old pop star decided to make his apology public in the first place. “My question is, when someone hurts somebody that they love, do you go on television and say I’m sorry to the public? Or do you call up the person you love and say I’m sorry?”

Chrisette believes the apology should remain between Chris and his former girlfriend and out of the public eye. “I’m positive that he spoke to Rihanna. Is it our responsibility to decide whether or not him and Rihanna have something between them?” she asked. “It’s not for us to decide whether or not he meant his apology. It’s for her to decide. And that’s what I’m dealing with. Why is there an apology airing on “106 & Park” at 5:30 p.m. 6,000 months later?”

Watch the video that’s causing such a stir here.