Christina Milian in a 'League of Her Own' on New Album

  /  10.08.2009

Tricky Stewart, Christina Milian, and The-Dream

Work is not the first thing on Christina Milian’s mind these days. The mom-to-be is focusing on her marriage to The-Dream and pregnancy, and has put her album on hold until 2010.

“The Elope project is not coming out until next year,” Tricky Stewart told of Milian’s fourth studio effort.

The CEO of RedZone Records explained the reason for the delay. “We just got our label deals done, so the reason why some of these projects got delayed had to do with technicalities and things of that nature.” But he assured that it will be worth the wait. “Man, that album is actually really, really good.”

Stewart and The-Dream found a niche for the “Dip It Low” singer, who signed to her husband’s Radio Killa imprint earlier this year. “When we get into projects, we find a creative zone. We definitely found a space for her and put her in a league and a lane of her own,” explained Tricky. “We’re really looking forward to that being the first release off Radio Killa Records.”

A first single has yet to be chosen because the hitmaking duo has been preoccupied with other projects. “I don’t know ’cause Dream picks all the singles for Radio Killa and I pick all the singles for RedZone Records,” he said. “I’m sure we’re going to sit down at some point, but right now, we’re just so into this Mariah album and now we’re doing this Ciara album, so we kinda put our own label thing into next year’s box.”

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