Monica Calls Missy Elliott Album ‘Crazy’

You may have been asking yourself, when is Missy Elliott dropping an album? We wanted to know the same thing, so we spoke with her good friend Monica.

The R&B singer, whose single “Everything to Me” was produced by Missy, didn’t have the release date we were looking for, but she did offer a glimpse at what Misdemeanor’s got cooking. “She’s working really hard on it,” Monica tells Rap-Up.com. “She’s got some crazy music on there, some stuff I was trying to steal for my record.” However, she still managed to get away with a few goods. “I got a couple of things that she let me take, but she’s working really hard on [her album].”

One thing’s for certain. Missy’s handprint is all over Mo’s new album Still Standing. “Missy is big on my album. She’s been big on the last three,” she explains. “I think I realized that she and I had this chemistry when she called me and told me to fly to Miami tonight for a real good reason. And when I walked in the studio, she was playing ‘So Gone.’ She doesn’t even tell me anything, she just knows.”

Missy Elliott’s last album The Cookbook was released in 2005. She resurfaced in 2008 with “Best, Best,” but her seventh studio effort, tentatively titled Block Party, has yet to see the light of day.

–Reporting by Rajul Punjabi