M.I.A. and Son Ikhyd Take on NYC

M.I.A. may grab headlines with her controversial comments, but she showed a lesser seen side during her trip to New York this week with son Ikhyd. The “XXXO” singer spent some leisurely time laughing and giving her 16-month-old a piggyback ride. Mother and baby were also joined by fiancé Benjamin Brewer. Despite her time in the Big Apple, M.I.A. has chosen to raise her son in Los Angeles.

“I wanted an environment where I could have a lot of friends and family come and stay,” she told GQ. “And in New York I wouldn’t have been able to afford someplace where I could have, like, all my friends come and crash out and where I could still have a baby.”

M.I.A. and Ikhyd M.I.A. and Ikhyd M.I.A. and Ikhyd

Photo credit: Splash