Video: Diddy-Dirty Money - 'Coming Home'

  /  11.29.2010


Diddy does some soul searching in the desert in the Rich Lee-directed video for “Coming Home,” the Alex Da Kid-produced single off Diddy-Dirty Money’s star-studded album Last Train to Paris (Dec. 14). Wandering through the arid landscape, Puff happens upon the remnants of a burned house and the shell of an old car, with Dawn and Kalenna trailing behind him. The trio reunites in the end, zipping away in a helicopter.

Kalenna told staging-rapup.kinsta.cloud how the triumphant track came into the group’s hands. “One day Puff walked in and he was like, ‘I got something for you guys. I got a gift that’s crazy. Oh my God.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, right,'” she said. “And he put it on and he was just like, ‘You think we can get it done tonight?’ It was a gift. It was like unwrapping a gift that was dropped in our lap.”

Celebrate their homecoming below.

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