Rihanna Offers Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘LOUD’ Tour Rehearsals [Video]

Rihanna kicked off her “LOUD” tour over the weekend. Now she gives fans a deeper look inside her rehearsals. Choreographer Stephanie Roos explained that the show is divided into five parts—LOUD, Hard, Sex Shop, Love/Hate, and Fun. RiRi is seen practicing her moves and reviewing merchandise in the clip.

Music director Kevin Antunes explained what he set out to do with this tour. “One of the biggest goals that I have for Rihanna’s ‘LOUD’ tour is she’s got such big records—you hear them on the radio, you hear them everywhere you go,” he said. “I think because her songs are so big around the world that you take it for granted that she’s really, really a good vocalist and I want to make sure that that’s highlighted in the show.”