50 Cent

50 Cent Tours Somalia with the United Nations on ‘Nightline’ [Video]

50 Cent may be known for his explicit lyrics and tough persona, but he showed a softer side during his recent trip to Somalia. The do-gooder traveled with “Nightline” to the poverty-stricken country on a humanitarian mission for the United Nations World Food Program.

The former drug dealer, whose Street King energy drink raises money to feed impoverished nations, was at a loss for words as he toured the refugee camp and saw malnourished women and children. During his visit, he played with the kids, danced, and served meals to them. But when they asked him to sing one of his hits, he got shy.

“I want to be more, not just as an artist but as a person,” said the rapper, whose manager calls him the “hip-hop Bono.” “I don’t want to just be a guy whose remembered for writing a few cool songs.”

50 is not concerned if his new mission doesn’t match his dangerous image. “I don’t care if my audience is prepared to move forward with me,” he shared. “They may not necessarily be growing at the same pace.”

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