Cher Lloyd

Video: Cher Lloyd – ‘Want U Back’

Cher Lloyd prepares to invade the U.S. with her debut single “Want U Back.” The former British “X Factor” contestant reshot the video for American audiences. In the sassy clip, a jealous Cher and her girlfriends play mean girls, crashing a diner and pulling pranks on her ex-boyfriend. After causing a scene and humiliating his new girl, the cops come to arrest Cher, but she doesn’t seem to have any regrets.

“I am so excited about coming over to the States and working with L.A Reid,” said the 18-year-old pop star, who will release her U.S. debut on Epic Records. “L.A is a musical genius and has been such a great supporter of me. Now I just cannot wait to get on that stage and for everyone to hear my music.”

Watch Cher stir up some trouble below and check out the U.K. version featuring “X Factor” rapper Astro here.