The Game and Big Boi Visit ‘106 & Park’

Big Boi and The Game both drop new albums today, but they kicked off the festivities early with an appearance on Monday’s “106 & Park.”

The OutKast rapper plugged his sophomore set Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors and shared his plans for Christmas, how his collaboration with A$AP Rocky came about, and the craziest rumor he’s heard about himself. He also revealed that he’s nine songs into recording his next solo album.

Fresh from his appearance on “The Howard Stern Show,” Game spoke about celebrating his birthday with eight parties, working out (he demonstrated his strength by picking up Bow Wow), and his new label Rolex Records, a collaboration with Stat Quo.

He also revealed that he plans to buy 25 Rolexes for his friends this Christmas and confirmed that the next single off Jesus Piece will be the D’Angelo-sampled “All That (Lady).”

Never one to shy away from controversy, he also weighed in on his competition this week, which includes Big Boi and Bruno Mars. “I got four No. 1 albums and let’s just say this about to be No. 5,” said a confident Game, who broke down some of his famous lyrics “Inside the Rappers Studio.”