Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Debuts Flying Dress at artRave

Gaga goes airborne. The pop superstar took her fashion to new heights during her artRAVE album release party at Brooklyn Navy Yard last night. To kick off the music and art event, she debuted a prototype of Volantis, the world’s first flying dress, a collaboration with TechHaus and Studio XO.

“We were very excited about this idea of building a flying dress,” said Gaga. “It was sort of humorous and whimsical, and it seemed like the sort of thing I would like to perform in on stage. But then when we started to really work on her, we realized her potential for the world and everyone.”

After hovering above the ground, she gave journalists a tour of the art installations, which she created with famed artists including Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, and Inez & Vinoodh.

The Koons-designed sculpture from the ARTPOP album cover was on display along with four more pieces by the artist.

Wearing white floaties and a mask, Gaga opened her mini-concert with “Aura” and dedicated “Gypsy” to Koons. While seated at a white piano, she delivered an anti-drug PSA before her Rick Rubin-produced ballad “Dope.”

“One of the hardest things that I ever had to give up was drugs and alcohol. I still have a real hard time with it, but I wanted to say something about it tonight because I’ve watched too many great artists, too many friends, go because of those two things,” she said. “I want tonight to be a change. I do not have to be high to be creative. I do not have to be drunk to have a good idea. I can sit with my thoughts and not feel crazy. I can do it without the dope.”

She closed out the evening with her R. Kelly-assisted single “Do What U Want.” “We want to leave you with a whole lot of peace and love this evening,” she said. “Continue to have drinks and gaze into the art. Listen to the music and more importantly spread as much love as you can between one another.”

The event was live streamed on VEVO. Watch highlights below and see the full replay here.