Video: Karmin – ‘I Want It All’

Break out the disco balls and roller skates. Karmin catches disco fever in the retro-inspired video for their new single “I Want It All.” The pop duo takes over a roller rink—Amy shows off her moves on wheels and Nick plays the trombone before turning the place into a giant party.

Their full-length debut Pulses is due March 25 featuring a mix of pop, hip-hop, and reggae vibes, which they describe as “retro-future.”

“We were listening to a lot of Missy Elliott and Pharrell and old No Doubt when we were recording it and writing it and it definitely rubbed off,” they told MTV Australia. “It’s got kind of a ’90s feel and all the visuals are monochrome. It has a fresh vibe.”

The duo is currently on their #PulsesTour, which has been extended into the spring.

Watch the video and see the tracklisting below.


Pulses Tracklisting

1. “Geronimo Intro”
2. “Pulses”
3. “Acapella”
4. “I Want It All”
5. “Night Like This”
6. “Neon Love”
7. “Drifter”
8. “Tidal Wave”
9. “Gasoline”
10. “Puppet”
11. “Hate To Love You”
12. “Try Me On”
13. “What’s In It For Me”