Rebel Heart

Madonna Taps Nas, Chance the Rapper, & Nicki Minaj for ‘Rebel Heart’

Madonna has aligned with hip-hop’s biggest stars for her new album Rebel Heart.

The 19 tracks, which she revealed via iTunes, include the Nas-assisted “Veni Vedi Vici” and “Iconic” featuring Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson.

The pop queen, who will perform at next month’s Grammys, also reunites with her pal Nicki Minaj on the Diplo-produced “Bitch I’m Madonna.”

Last month, she debuted six tracks including the first single “Living for Love” and the Kanye West-produced “Illuminati.” The full album drops March 10 featuring production from Diplo, West, Blood Diamonds, Billboard, and DJ Dahi.

“The reason I wanted to call the record Rebel Heart was because I felt like it explored two very distinct sides of my personality,” Madonna told Billboard. “The rebellious, renegade side of me, and the romantic side of me.”

See the full lineup below.

Rebel Heart Tracklisting

1. “Living for Love”
2. “Devil Pray”
3. “Ghosttown”
4. “Unapologetic Bitch”
5. “Illuminati”
6. “Bitch I’m Madonna” (feat. Nicki Minaj)
7. “Hold Tight”
8. “Joan of Arc”
9. “Iconic” (feat. Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson)
10. “HeartBreakCity”
11. “Body Shop”
12. “Holy Water”
13. “Inside Out”
14. “Wash All Over Me”
15. “Best Night”
16. “Veni Vedi Vici” (feat. Nas)
17. “S.E.X.”
18. “Messiah”
19. “Rebel Heart”