Tink Taps Missy Elliott for Debut Album

Tink not only has Timbaland in her corner, but Missy Elliott as well. The Chicago newcomer has collaborated with the rap icon on her debut album Think Tink.

“Missy’s on the album,” the 19-year-old revealed during an interview with “Sway in the Morning.”

“When I spoke to Missy, it was like I was talking to a big sister. She kinda just wraps her arms around me. It was just like a big sister relationship. She told me to keep my head up and stay strong.”

When she was criticized for wearing braids, Missy gave Tink some sound advice: “You have your own style, be unique, don’t be afraid. They’ll hate it at first, but then they’ll love it.”

Last month, Tink dropped the Missy-inspired video for her Timbaland-produced single “Ratchet Commandments,” and she promises that Think Tink will have something for everyone.

Think Tink has a different message and every song has a different journey, a different story. Y’all gon’ love it,” she said.

Even the late Aaliyah came to Timbaland in a dream and told him that Tink was “the one.”

“I was riding home one day. She spoke to me in my sleep and said she’s the one,” Tim told the crowd during Tink’s set at SXSW.

Think Tink is due this year on Mosley Music Group/Epic Records.