Video: D∆WN - 'Billie Jean x Dance'

  /  10.05.2015

D∆WN closes the chapter on Blackheart and marks the beginning of The Red Era with the double video for “Billie Jean x Dance,” her ninth visual in a year. Directed by Monty Marsh, the stunning clip uses the classic rose-petal imagery from American Beauty, interspersed with shots of dramatic dance choreography.

D∆WN lies naked in a heap of red rose petals and is chased by a suitor through a set glowing with crimson light and smoke. The red imagery is meant to illustrate her forthcoming album The Red Era, the final installment in her album trilogy.

“It’s always exciting to bring the art to the next level and stimulate the viewers visual palette,” said D∆WN.

Before she releases The Red Era in early 2016, D∆WN will bring her “Bravura Experience” to New York on Nov. 11, Washington, D.C. on Nov. 16, and Los Angeles on Dec. 15.

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