Soulja Boy Claims He Signed $400 Million Deal

Soulja Boy’s swag may have just reached a new level. In a series of tweets fired off on Sunday (May 1), the “Crank That” star announced a major deal reportedly worth $400 million.

“$400 million deal confirmed,” he tweeted. “I still they think they low balled me though. I was thinking 2 or 3 billion.”

It’s unclear exactly what deal he is referring to, but he claims that networks like CBS and FOX have been “fighting” over his story.

In a separate tweet, Soulja decided to thank Beyoncé for sampling “Turn My Swag On” on “Hold Up,” a track off her chart-topping LEMONADE album.

“I hop up out the bed and get my swag on,” Bey sings on the track, using Soulja’s song as inspiration. “I look in the mirror, say ‘What’s up?'” Due to this, the 25-year-old rapper was credited as a writer on the song.

Soulja hopped up on a plane and headed over to Paris to celebrate his payday.

He is reportedly working on Blessed, the follow-up studio album to 2010’s The DeAndre Way.