Cozy Tapes Vol 1: Friends-

A$AP Mob Reveals ‘Cozy Tapes Vol 1: Friends-’ Cover Art, Tracklisting

With Cozy season upon us, A$AP Mob has revealed the Cozy Tapes Vol 1: Friends- release date, cover art, and tracklisting.

Due to drop on Halloween, Monday (Oct. 31), the Mob’s long-awaited LP will feature 12 tracks, including the previously heard “Yamborghini High,” “Money Man,” “Put That On My Set,” and“Crazy Brazy.”

Two new songs, “Telephone Calls” and “Runner,” are slated to drop prior to the album on Friday (Oct. 28).

The late A$AP Yams’ fingerprints are all over the project. It was made with his notes in mind, according to A$AP Rocky who led the project’s facilitation.

“This is the Yams album we’ve been working on,” he recently told MTV News. “We finally finished it. It just features all of our friends and hip-hop associates and what-not, and people that Yams would have wanted… It’s like an introduction to the new cozy wave. It’s really rap-punk meets alternative-underground.”

Given that it was made in honor of Yams, it makes sense that a childhood portrait of Yamborghini appears on the album’s cover art.

Get ready to trick-or-treat with the Mob when Cozy Tapes Vol 1: Friends- arrives on Halloween. Until then, check out the tracklisting below.

Cozy Tapes Vol 1: Friends- Tracklisting

1. “Yamborghini High”
2. “Crazy Brazy”
3. “Way Hii”
4. “Young Ni**a Living”
5. “Nasty’s World”
6. “Money Man”
7. “Put That On My Set”
8. “Motivation Foreign” (Skit)
9. “London Town”
10. “Runner”
11. “Bachelor”
12. “Telephone Calls”