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Celebrities Bid Farewell to President Obama

  /  01.11.2017

President Barack Obama wowed supporters on Tuesday (Jan. 10), as he delivered his farewell address in Chicago. Capping off an eight-year run as the nation’s leader, POTUS received plenty of love from fans and stars alike.

Much like he’s done throughout his presidency, Obama highlighted music at the event. Ahead of his speech, a humbled BJ the Chicago Kid sang the national anthem.

“Thank you to President Obama, and his entire administration for allowing me to be apart of such a historic moment,” BJ wrote. “I am honored, and beyond grateful.”

But BJ wasn’t the only artist showing love. Others, like Kehlani, shared their appreciation through social media. “Thanks for an outstanding 8 years, MrPresident,” wrote the “Undercover” singer. “We love you more than you know.”

The love poured in from stars like G-Eazy to icons like Madonna. “Good-bye Mr. President,” wrote Madge. “There will never be another one like you! Barack Obama you are a King amongst Men.”

Not all the love was well received. Drake posted a meme of President Obama with his own haircut and beard, prompting some ire. Despite the criticism his post garnered, his intention seemed to be positive.

“As a Canadian that calls America home for part of the year I will always carry your words and the memory of your time in office with me as inspiration,” he wrote. “Big up yaself O.”

A meme inspired the 6 God, while others like Fabolous penned heartfelt tributes to the President and First Lady Michelle Obama.

“Thank You, & Farewell @barackobama & @michelleobama,” wrote Loso. “True admiration for these two leaders. You two will always be OUR POTUS & FLOTUS. Made the people, this country & this generation believe in CHANGE! You even made my 88yr old(at the time) Grandmother rest her soul, BELIEVE. She told me she couldn’t believe this nation, or it’s leaders would let a black man become president. She’s seen such bad things in her time done to Black people that she couldn’t BELIEVE it would happen. I told her it will happen!! And she was the 1st person I called when you WON!! And she said she will BELIEVE from now on at 88 yrs old. She passed in 2016 but I’m so happy she got to see you be President. So thank you for making us BELIEVE.”

During his time as president, Obama has reached out to an array of musicians, including Beyoncรฉ, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, The Roots, and DJ Khaled. He referenced rap and R&B and even put some popular tracks on various playlists.

Through some of this outreach, stars like Ciara, Usher, and Maxwell have been able to meet Obama. Last night, many of them shared those images with nostalgia and gratitude.

See more of the thankful messages President Obama received below.

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