Stream DeJ Loaf & Jacquees’ ‘F**k a Friend Zone’ Mixtape

DeJ Loaf and Jacquees say Fuck a Friend Zone on a telling new mixtape that seems to indicate a budding romance is in the air.

The title track finds the Cash Money rapper singing about his longstanding appreciation for the Detroit MC, which apparently dates back to 2014. “I took a shot, I wanted to meet DeJ,” he sings. “Took a picture, put it on my page / On Instagram / I think she feeling me and my wave.”

Lil Loaf appears to reciprocate that while referencing her rumored ex, Lil Durk. “Goddamn, it’s amazin’,” she sing-raps. “Dreads were so long and you had braces / I know you heard the rumors, talkin’ like I’m taken / But it ain’t nothing that can’t be replaced.”

After singing about “music lovemaking” on the opener, the rest of the 13-track project features production by Nash B, Andrew Lloyd, iRocksays, YOG$, and more. It also features more allusions to a burgeoning romance.

On “No Better Love,” for instance, Jacquees sings: “I’m not like your other man / Fuck with me when you can, DeJ / I’m more than just a friend.” And on their closer, “The World Along With You,” he adds: “I forget my girl when I’m with you.” Meanwhile, DeJ adds: “Forget my man when I’m with you.”

Listen to Fuck a Friend Zone below.