Video: T.I. – ‘I Believe’

In the midst of divorce proceedings, T.I. unleashes his latest political commentary in the video for “I Believe,” another emotionally-charged single off his Us or Else: Letter to the System LP.

“I Believe” finds Tip playing two different roles. One is a regular civilian in a black hoodie, upset that one of his friends has been killed by police. The other is the leader of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest, dressed in a suit.

Directed by Mike Ho, the visual allows T.I.’s two characters to face off in a heated debate. In between powerful protest scenes, the clip also includes news footage, comparing Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump to Pinky and the Brain.

“Believe MLK had a dream for real,” he raps on the track. “He in heaven, but we dealing with the demons still / Like an episode of ‘Pinky & the Brain’ for real / Want to run and then rule everything for real.”

“I Believe” can be found on Tip’s album Us or Else: Letter to the System, which dropped in December.