Macklemore and Kesha Perform ‘Good Old Days’ on ‘Ellen’

Shortly after releasing the music video for “Good Old Days,” Macklemore and Kesha teamed up for a stirring performance of the Gemini single on “Ellen.”

After being introduced as one of host Ellen Degeneres’ “all-time favorite rappers,” the Seattle MC took the stage with his pop star collaborator beside him. Standing on vintage rugs with a live band and string section, the duo launched into the reflective anthem.

Surrounded by light bulbs, Macklemore rhymed about homecoming, drinking, growing old, and beating self-doubt, while Kesha’s soulful vocals provided a moving chorus about the “love you won’t forget” and “reckless nights you won’t regret.”

Elsewhere on “Ellen,” Macklemore joined the show for a game of “Heads Up!” Teaming up with a “Heads Up!” expert, the North West spitter had to guess different animals gone wild, including an elephant, moth, and camel.