Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Speaks Out on Sexism in Hip-Hop

  /  10.25.2017

Nicki Minaj is taking a stand.

Shortly after celebrating her storied “Monster” verse, the Young Money queen has published a series of tweets about sexism in hip-hop.

“In any field, women must work TWICE as hard to even get HALF the respect her male counterparts get. When does this stop?” she asked. “The greats collaborated w/Drake, Kendrick & Jcole b/c they’re dope MC’s. They collab’d w/nicki cuz someone pulled a gun to their heads.”

From there, Nicki appeared to take aim at those who compare her to newcomers. “Putting ppl in the same sentence as me after my 10 years of consistent winning,” she wrote. “What are you teaching THEM? They’d never do this to a man.”

From there, Nicki retweeted a Kendrick Lamar post from 2010. “Moe ni**az hate nicki minaj than woman do,” he wrote. “#yallniggazisreallypausewhenithinkaboutit.”

“This is so telling. And scary,” added Nicki. “I’d have to wear some baggy pants n timbs for men to openly give props.”

Prior to posting these messages, Minaj retweeted a video from the rapper Russ’s recent Rap Radar interview, in which he claims that Minaj does not get the respect that she deserves.

“Do people not know that Nicki Minaj has birthed so many females, not only just in rap, but the look, the whole everything, just in women,” he said. “She’s been that shit for mad long now. Let’s not act like she wasn’t on a JAY-Z and Kanye song and didn’t arguably have the best verse? You know what it is? If you live long enough for people to not fuck with you, guess what? They won’t fuck with you.”

Quoting Russ’s tweet, Minaj wrote: “This was so nice of you my love, thank you.”

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