Tupac Shakur and Madonna

Madonna Loses Bid to Reclaim Tupac Breakup Letter

  /  04.23.2018

Madonna has failed to block her Tupac Shakur breakup letter from the auction block.

Last year, Tupac’s breakup letter went up for auction and Madge tried to block the sale with a lawsuit. However, her efforts were in vain.

On Monday (April 23), Justice Gerald Lebovitz, a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge, ruled that Madonna’s personal items, including 2Pac’s letter, can be sold, according to the New York Daily News.

Madonna sued her former friend Darlene Lutz and the online auction site Gotta Have It! over the rights to her personal letters, tapes, photos, and other items, including satin panties and a comb.

Lebovitz said that Madonna forfeited her rights to these items in 2004 and that she waited too long to sue. He also seemed to indicate that Madge should have sued her brother, who gifted Lutz some of the items in question, according to the report.

Madonna claims she didn’t know the items were not in her possession until she saw the auction news. Additionally, she called some of these items “highly confidential and embarrassing.”

Gotta Have It! co-owner Ed Kosinski celebrated the decision. “It’s a clear-cut victory for us,” he said. “She shouldn’t have signed a settlement agreement relinquishing the right to all property in Darlene’s possession.”

Several Tupac-related items have gone up for sale since the rapper’s death in 1996. Recently, lost liner notes, the BMW he was shot inside, and another letter went up for auction. The opening bid for Tupac’s Madonna letter was $100,000 and it will be up for sale again in July.


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