Justine Skye Debuts New Single ‘No Options’

Justine Skye is all out of options.

The R&B songstress gets in her feelings on “No Options,” the first single off her upcoming album Bare With Me. The emotionally-charged song serves as an anthem for anyone who wants to leave behind a toxic relationship.

“You got me sick, you so toxic / Our love blew up, catastrophic,” she sings on the mid-tempo jam. “I feel like we have no options / Want something real but it’s not this.”

Along with the track, she has debuted a video comprised of behind-the-scenes clips, live performances, and footage of her in the studio recording the song.

Bare With Me is set to feature three new tracks along with a live version of last year’s “Maybe.” Justine has also been working with Timbaland on her forthcoming EP and documenting the recording process via their Space & Time Sessions on Instagram.