Video: Swagga Like Puff

Diddy pours orange juice into his Fruit Loops and dances in his sweats while rapping to his own version of “Swagga Like Us.” Part 2 below the cut.

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  1. Renee'

    Diddy is a CLOWN!!!

  2. Catie

    He couldn’t be anymore annoying. He made a fool of himself on both videos.

  3. Justin

    He is so corny

  4. Heyhomee

    He can\’t even open the Tropicana carton properly. Who pours OJ on their Fruit Loops? Gross. Puffy needs to re-up on his Pro Activ subscriptions. He wanna play gunshots while riding in a jeep with no roof? Need I remind him of his so-called best friend Biggie?? Right. Puffy = Poison.

  5. Xdrien

    I guess everybody here had a glass of haterade today. It is not that serious.

  6. bass_man

    He’s just really corny to me…

    I wonder who he got to write that for him.

  7. KlovenSexy

    DAGGGGG! His house look better than mine. What the hell. LOL

  8. KlovenSexy

    DANGGGGGGG! He has a car better than mine!
    What the hell! LOL