Video: Ciara f/ T-Pain – ‘Go Girl’


“Go Girl” is the first single from Ciara’s third album Fantasy Ride. The video was directed by Melina. Did CiCi bring it? Watch and judge for yourself.

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  1. Dz

    She murdered it, resucitated it, and rekilled it again! Lol.

  2. F00L

    Sh3 mURD3r3d diS viD30 maK3s m3 liK3 Da S0ng dAt muCH m0R3

  3. MattL


  4. angel

    ehh i lost my anticipation 4 her album the song is wack like everyhting im hearing today.The video was okay her dancing was average.

  5. ant keon

    damn ciara kill it, i knew the video was gonna be raw, its the best female video ive seen this yr besides rihanna\’s disturbia. Ciara just keeps getting sexy, i loved the video it made the song even HOTTER,

    P.S Ciara-Go Girl Feat. T-Pain On iTunes Right Now Buy It!!!!!

  6. altered_mind

    I must say this video helped me like the song A LOT more. So it served its purpose. I now have renewed hope in Cici\’s upcoming project. ^_^

  7. mr_baxter83

    she really needs to learn new movements, her dance is repetitive… I really don퀚¡t like this song, she could had done better

  8. F00L

    i Sm3ll a HaT3r

  9. Ms.G-Tella

    This janet jackson wanna be needs 2 go sit the fuck down some where she is soooo fukin corney with her none singing image stealing whore looking using the same video tretmeants ass down…….hated it nexxt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. mimi

    LOOKS LIKE UMBRELLA (Hair, Color Scheme, and Make-Up), GET ME BODIED ( color scheme & dance break), & TOXIC ( Motor bike, super hero concept, with the laser beams in which she dances through) MIXED WITH SOME GOOD OLD ATLANTA CIARA…GOOD VIDEO

  11. Dz

    I smell plenty of haters lol. I laugh.

  12. Nasia

    LMAO When Fans Of Other Artist See Something That Is hot They quickly Try Too Tie & Compare It SOmething Else Fucking Dumbasses Aint Didnt See NOT 1 Comparison In This Video This Has To Be Video Of The YEar Wow Ciara Wow That Split Was INCREDIBLE The Ticking & Flexing Was Crazy T-Pain Killed It But The Highlight Of The Video Was The Backflips With Heels On Into A Split WOW GO GIRL! Work Diva 10′s Across Ova!!

  13. Tamia

    I Didn’t even like the bitch but this is defintly video of the year grammy worthy

  14. F00L

    L3t\\\’s s33 suM 0f yaLL d0 sUm 0f dA sTuff sh3 diD iN dAt viD30 dAt sh3 sUpp0s3dly d03s n 3v3ry vid30 i\\\’M juSt sAyin l3ts s33 sUm 0f yaLL buSt a m0v3 l0l

  15. KC

    It was alright. I have seen her do better dance moves in her other videos. I guess it might do something who knows. We will see if the video help this song do better.

  16. anna

    she looks pretty, but I thought she was really going to be jamming & dancing her butt off in the video :)

  17. graicen

    i aint gon front or lie THIS IS DA BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR!

  18. BCFanaric

    Obviously you\’ve seen her do better dance moves bcause her comfort zone is sneakers and track pants. Girl wilded out in heels, you people need to give props where it\’s due. At the end of the day we all know she killed this video, and it has NOT BEEN DONE B4. She has a new image so get wit it or get lost! And i co-sign what Nasia said!

  19. me

    video of the year.

    lol @ the gawl of a hater to criticize of all things her dance. or compare her the the stiff one….try again hon

  20. j3nn3h

    Ya`ll need to stop hatinq


  21. LAmont

    Whoa! Ci Ci looks sexy as hell in this video!! :D This is the most skin she’s ever shown in a video.I’m lovin’ the outfits she wears…she’s as sexy as she wants to be!!!This is a great look for Ciara. :D

  22. Jamie

    is that Ciara or NICOLE SCHERZINGER??? Lol!!! She looks sooooo similar to her when she is on the elevator!

  23. Joseph

    Ciara Killed It!! Hottest female video I’ve seen all year! She’s definitly gonna Rock 09′