Video: Chris Brown f/ Keri Hilson – ‘Superhuman’


Watch the video for “Superhuman,” Chris Brown’s new ballad featuring Keri Hilson below.

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  1. Destined

    Love this and I love CB and Keri on this track. Cute video!

  2. Giselle

    I expected more, it’s a beautiful song but the video is corny.

  3. Oh well!

    KERI is tha shit!

  4. Ms.G-Tella

    I liked it glad 2 see they didnt over do it….it was about the meaning not the video Giselle…….f-it cant please everyone!

  5. !watevaisayistrue !

    So in love with Keri\’s voice NICE VID

  6. LAmont

    Not feelin’ this at all !!!

  7. linda

    OMG i love this song and the video!!!Great great song and video

  8. Jackasses

    First and foremost, the negativity that’s being displayed in these comments are upsurd. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Secondly, have you not heard of constructive criticism? Apparently not. It sadden me at the state that the world is in right now. Where artist and/or celebrities are constantly being criticized for movies, videos, songs, commerical, etc that they’re apart of. We already have unrealistic beauty standards where everyone believes you mot be a certain height, weight, stunning facial features, etc just to make it big. Which is literally uncalled for in many ways. Lastly, the video has certain similarities of “No Air” but in many ways, it is a continuation of it. The elements of the song are completely different. No Air was a tale of two teens informing each other of how they couldn’t breathe without the other in their life. Making it seem as if they’re co-dependent on each other. While in Superhuman, its basically them saying that the love and affection that the other provides them is the reason why they feel super human. It makes them feel as if they could do anything that they set their minds to. I.e. Chris saving the life of Keri Hilson. To be super human doesn’t mean that you have to possess super human abilities. It could be be you going over and beyond the norm. Which brings us back to him saving her life. Not many people would try to do such a thing. In closing, I believe that the song and the video compliments each other. I just loved it

  9. bass_man

    He is milking this album!

    Can’t say too much about the song or video. He’s done better.

  10. Catie

    I like the song but i just find it a little strange seeing Keri + Chris into each other in this video? They have no chemistry whatsoever which kills the vibe of the video.

  11. crunkpoet

    i mean, hell, if its wack its wack…and thats the person’s opinion..i havent looked at it yet but the song is nothing special..not to me anyway