Album Cover: Rihanna – ‘Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes’


Check out the official album cover for Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes, in stores and online January 27.

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  1. love bee

    how stupid who re-re-releases there album this many times i mean i like riri but seriously??

  2. Fresh Prince22

    Damn they milkin that cd for all its worth huh…..isn\’t about time for a new one?

  3. TNIC

    why not just put out a new album?!!


    agreed TNIC^ and they just use the same pics its stupid

  5. Kyle

    I like the red and multiple Rihanna effect that they got going on.

    But I agree with everyone else and I think that they’re just wasting money. Come on, people aren’t going to buy this.

  6. Dominicano

    damn bitch STOP!!!!!!!i’m tired of this good girl gone bad shit!!!!!

  7. dan

    of course they dont buy it

    i have good girl gone bad in a remix edition, cause i bought the original one in deluxe

    and the second disc was a remix cd…

    really stupid

  8. isk

    ok another good girl gone bad good rihanna why not a new album and change a lil bit ?

  9. Kevin

    Seriously, who is going to buy this crappy re-re-release? If the album was a real classic, I would\’ve said yes, maybe. But she isn\’t Michael Jackson or something. Make a new record already…

  10. zabrina

    oh no! dont tell me shes releasing yet another single from the album??? a remix single! god when will she stop!!

  11. Kevin

    Now I get it! “Please don’t stop the music.” She doesn’t wants to stop milking the same album.

  12. go girl

    damn shes scared…. thats it
    she knows that if she makes an other album she don’t will be that sucsessful
    but nobody will buy this shit they’re jjust wasting time
    Rihanna if you reading this please take a break and go back to barbados for a year and make a huge come back…lol

  13. emmanuel

    j’ai fam toujours musique de tenir, j’ai hobby.
    Rihanna live zange wasy romantich beautifool op, me song love in glans dans oeil m (les yeux)I hate!!! you that love!! baby; baisers j’ai.