Ciara Samples Bollywood Film for ‘Turntables’

Ciara has sampled “Kannalanae” from the soundtrack to the 1995 Tamil feature film Bombay for her Chris Brown collaboration “Turntables.” The original song was composed by A.R. Rahman, known for his work on the Oscar-nominated movie Slumdog Millionaire. Listen to the sample above and compare it to Ciara’s Danja-produced track off Fantasy Ride here.

Thanks to one of our Indian readers for the tip!

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  1. Dominicano

    i luv it!


  2. ManMan

    Ci and Chris iPUNCHED!!!!


  3. Beeyah

    its cool


  4. bass_man

    i love off-the-wall sampling.

    but i don’t wanna listen, i’ll wait.


  5. DodgyC

    Actually, Danja sampled the Hindi version of this Song, called Kehna Hi Kya:
    This was a very popular track when the film was released.

    Obviously from Timbaland’s immense collection of classic Hindi Soundtrack CD’s that he keeps in a giant bag.


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