The-Dream & Kanye Collaboration ‘Bigger Than ‘Umbrella”

The-Dream and Kanye West

Rihanna’s “Umbrella” was the inescapable record of 2007. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it. Now the man who penned the smash hit is preparing to release his collaboration with Kanye West that may just be the “Umbrella” successor we’ve been looking for.

The-Dream and Mr. West have recorded a track called “Walkin’ on the Moon” for Dream’s sophomore LP Love vs. Money. The Michael Jackson-inspired song is slated to be the third single off the album.

“It’s crazy! L.A. [Reid] says that he thinks that it’s bigger than ‘Umbrella!’,” the in-demand singer-songwriter told “So hopefully it will be ’cause that means I can go buy two more cars.”

You’ll be able to judge for yourself when Love vs. Money hits stores and online retailers on March 10.

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  1. lilroot

    So in internet language the song will be out and about on youtube within a couple of days. Nice, can’t wait to hear it!!!


  2. EvanRC91

    I’m sure i’ll like it. Sounds very interesting by the title but i doubt it’ll be bigger than Umbrella. But who knows, maybe it will be.


  3. Will

    If it is as good as My Love ft. Mariah Carey .. then it could be really big!


  4. Emran

    It could be big, i’m not too sure. With the ‘New’ Kanye, i’m not sure if i’ll like it, if it was the older Kanywe, then i would have definently.



    better wit my beats tho


  6. OJcris44

    gtfo. This dude has been talkin mad shit lately. He puttin words in LA Reid’s mouth. Rihanna was fresh and got mad promo during that time. Kanye West has already gotten his fair share of hits that the label promoted well. And The-Dream has too. At best, this shit could be a big mainstream if Kanye dont have much out, but not so much a Urban hit which is what Dream needs to sell albums. Thats why Single Ladies was better than Umbrella to sell records cuz it had way more airplay.


  7. Missy

    TWO MORE CARS!!!??!?!

    The nerve of him…while people are struggling A–HOLE!



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  9. bass_man

    What?!! So excited for that one. Probably will let me down, but it sounds HOT.


  10. Nick

    Oh Please. The dream is my favorite artist right now, but he has been getting to excited as of lately with all of the music he’s been putting out and producing. I get the feeling he’s talking out of his ass, but however, it will probably be a good song.


  11. Westie

    Bigger than umbrella.. no chance, its hot but not as big. it got leaked yesterday


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  13. KV

    just listened to it… i got leaked..
    and its pretty awesome! iono if its bigger than umbrella but its good in its own way..
    and no auto-tune WOOT!!
    the beats futuristic and the song has a michael jackson-esque feel to it…
    overall a good song… cant wait for album to release!!


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  15. erin

    I can , and do listen to it 24/7 best song ever, once it hits the radios , people wont be able to get enough.


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